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  • When can I move in at the earliest?
    Once you have completed the eligibility screening and paid the rent, you can move in on the same day.
  • By when do I need to notify my withdrawal?
    It would be helpful if you could let us know as soon as possible, about one month before you move out.
  • 入居契約までの流れを教えてください
    1)お問い合わせフォームよりご連絡ください 2)オンラインかLINEでお話(入居に関してのヒヤリングや質問等) 3)日程を調整の上で、現地内見と面談 4)入居申し込み 5)入居審査(運営での判断と、居住者相談) 6)入居審査OKの場合は入居日を決める 7)お試し入居開始(1か月分の家賃とデポシットの支払いをお願いします)
  • 入居後に強制退去させられることはありますか?
    他の居住者に著しい迷惑をかける場合や、契約に際し虚偽があった場合、ハウスルールを順守していただけない等、運営の定めるルールに従えない場合は強制退去となります。 面談の上で入居審査をしてからの入居となりますのでいきなり強制退去というケースはそうはないはずですが。
  • 契約は1か月毎との事ですが自動的に更新されるのでしょうか?
    1か月単位での定期借家契約となり自動的な契約更新はありません。 というのも、シェアハウスという性質上の定石で、施設にコンセプトに合わない方や、ルールを守れない方、他の居住者に迷惑をかけるような居住者が出てきてしまった場合に、施設関係者者にとっての脅威を避けるためです。 契約終了の1か月前までに、貸主、借主の双方の意思において更新について合意をとった場合においては、1か月単位で再契約(更新に近いですが)という形になります。
  • Will the facilities provide consumables for daily use?
    No, basically you should buy it as a resident, just like a regular rental. The method has not yet been established, but for things that are commonly used by multiple residents, it will be a method in which all residents contribute money and share it. Example) ・Toilet paper ・Basic seasonings (cooking oil for frying, salt, pepper) ・Dish detergent, sponge ・Hand soap ・Alcohol disinfectant etc Items for personal use, items with strong individual tastes, and items that are consumed in large quantities by individuals will be purchased and managed by individuals. ・Personal slippers ・Various things used in a private room ・Large amounts of soy sauce, frying oil, etc. ・Laundry Detergent・Softener ・Shampoo, Conditioner ・Toothpaste, etc. ・Tissue Paper On the other hand, consumables that are integrated with the facilities provided in the facility will be borne by the management side. ・Bulbs in common areas
  • What happens to people who don't follow the house rules?
    House rules are set based on the concept of the facility in order to maintain and operate the facility in an optimal condition, and only those who agree to the terms are allowed to move in, so it is not possible to follow the rules. We will give appropriate guidance to those who have contracted, and if it seems difficult to improve, we will not renew the contract. Since it is a communal living, if each person pursues only their own comfort, it will be a nuisance for other residents and cause the facility to become dilapidated. Adequate consideration is important.
  • Will the manager clean the common areas?
    Currently, the cost of cleaning is not included in the rent. If cleaning doesn't go well with the turn system, it may be possible to hire a cleaner and share the cost among the residents. Please clean your private room here. In particular, please clean the air conditioner filter at least four times a year.
  • 他の入居者とトラブルが起きた場合はどのようにしたら良いでしょうか?
    細かな事でも時として当事者間での大きなトラブルに発展するケースもありますので基本的には管理者にご相談ください。 ハウスルールやハウスコンセプトに即して、双方の立場なども理解した上で対応策などを判断させていただきます。
  • 退去する場合はいつまでに連絡が必要ですか?
    退去日の14日前までにご連絡いただければ、日割りにより受領した家賃分から返金いたします。 退去希望の14日前を切って退去のご連絡があった場合には受領した家賃の返金はいたしませんのでご注意ください。
  • Are there any recommended restaurants within walking distance?
    Yes, there is! Please refer to this page for some information.
  • Is there a resident manager?
    No, there is no resident manager. I live nearby, so if you need anything, just give me a call and I can help.
  • Can I surf at Okitsu Beach?
    No, you can't. The Okitsu coast has tetrapods and there are almost no waves, so it is suitable for small children and beginners of SUP. If you want to surf in Katsuura, Ubara Beach and Hebara Beach are popular because they have parking lots.
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