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​Moving conditions

We have set the requirements for moving in.

After understanding the significance of this facility, due to the nature of living in a share house, it is necessary to consider morals and manners beyond the ordinary, such as being considerate of others rather than being selfish.

・Understanding facility requirements and being able to comply with facility rules

The concept of the facility is based on the expansion of the related population and regional revitalization, and it is positioned as a facility that is easy for people to move in for experience migration and weekend migration.

Although the rent is cheap, it is not a low-income housing or a group home, so it is not suitable for those who want to use it as a long-term residence.

・Must meet age requirements

Residential use is for those between the ages of 18 and 55, and university students are not allowed. However, if you are a university student and have a strong interest in the facility concept, we will make a decision after an interview.

56Even older people may be able to move in after an interview.

Gender is irrelevant.

・Be able to use the LINE app

It is necessary because we use the group chat of the LINE application in order to take smooth communication between residents.

・Not affiliated with anti-social forces or organized crime groups

・Be able to understand Japanese

・People who are friendly with other residents and have a willingness to communicate smoothly

Forming factions and harassment within the facility is strictly prohibited, so please build harmonious relationships as broadly as possible.


・Those who are considerate of others and willing to coexist with other residents

Avoid self-centered behavior, let others do what you don't want to do if you're in the opposite position, and let's make life comfortable for everyone. Also, share houses are not suitable for people who want to stay in their own space and avoid communication.

・Be able to comply with the house rules that are set separately

・ Those who do not have relatives who can be contacted in an emergency

・Those with excessive cleanliness

Since it will be a shared life, I think that there are times when problems arise between residents such as differences in values and hygiene management. We will try to solve the problem while discussing it each time, including the manager, but it will also be necessary to compromise.

Reservation rules

The reservation rules are as follows:

・Reservations can be made up to three days before use, and up until the end of the following month (or the last day of the month if the end of the month falls on a weekend or public holiday).

・Rooms cannot be specified. The administrator will assign rooms based on reservation status.

・You can make reservations for up to 7 days in a month. Additional reservations can be made after the current reservations have been made.

・You can also invite friends. When inviting friends, you will be required to use a private room.

・If multiple users request use of the facility on the same date, please note that users will share a private room with the other users. Users of different genders will be assigned separate rooms.

・Unless there is a compelling reason, there will be a penalty for canceling without notice. All future reservations will be canceled and reservations will be restricted for 7 days from the following day. (You will not be able to make new reservations.)

Usage rules

You cannot leave personal belongings in the room when you leave. Please leave all items other than valuables in the personal belongings locker.

- You will not share a room with other users; all members of the same group will have their own private room.

・You can use the parking lot if there is space available. If there is no space available, please park at Okitsu Seaside Park.

・This is a self-service accommodation with no meals included. Please also do basic cleaning of the areas you will be using. If this is difficult, please contact us. The manager will take care of washing the linen.

・Please follow the house rules and be considerate of other residents.

Usage fee

The monthly rent includes the user's stay fee for up to two nights .

If you stay for 3 nights or more, the following fees will be charged per day:

1 night : 3,300 yen

If you invite a friend, the following fees will apply:

The following usage fees (per person) will be charged per day :

3,300 yen per night

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