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SUZUEI as a community space

SUZUEI is a DIY share house and community space.

​ As a community space, we are making the following efforts to create connections between people involved in the facility and the community.

・Registration as a base of ADDress

SUZUEI is a partner base of ADDress, a flat-rate all-you-can-live service nationwide.

ADDress members from all over the country, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, come to stay at SUZUEI, so the circle of communication between residents and ADDress members expands.

For more information about ADDress, please visit the official site here.

・Holding a dinner party

There are cases when people move to a rural area or when they come to travel and become isolated, but SUZUEI holds dinner parties on an irregular basis.

Residents of SUZUEI, local people, their acquaintances, etc. gather to have barbecues and tempura parties outside, and enjoy hot pot and takoyaki indoors while exchanging information and having a good time.

・Connection support, provision of local information

In some cases, the connections between people in the community and residents, not to mention the manager, are further connected, and develop into important connections for the person.

It is also the concept of the facility, but I would like to be a presence that can provide necessary information and connections to people who need it, so even if it is your first time in Katsuura, you can rest assured!

・Large event space

On the first floor, there is an event space where you can use a large projector and screen of up to 22 tatami mats and high-speed WIFI.

It is also possible to hold study sessions on a regular basis and rent it out for various events and community activities. The price varies depending on the number of people and usage time, but please contact us if you are interested.


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