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About facilities

Please check each subpage for important information regarding moving in.

Since a share house is a place for communal living, we deliberately make even the most detailed rules clear.

We have established regulations because there are often users who violate the rules, and this is to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone to work and live in, and to ensure stable facility operations.

​Advantages and disadvantages of SUZUEI share house

​Compared to renting an own house or a rental apartment, I will list some advantages and disadvantages of SUZUEI share house for your reference.


・Water and utilities are included in the rent. No separate contract is required.

・If the facilities and home appliances provided are broken, the landlord will repair them.

・It is possible to move in for a short period of time, and it is easy to move in on the same day.

・Communication is easy to occur when people gather in a shared space

・DIY is allowed, so you can create your own room

・Since the light is on at home, it is difficult to feel lonely

Notable Disadvantages

・Private items cannot be placed in common areas. It may be used by others.

・There is little private space due to communal living.

・There is a possibility that the pace may be disturbed or stressful due to congestion, usage, cleaning, etc. of shared facilities.

・Risk of unfriendly residents moving in

・Risk of infection rises under COVID-19

​ ・Expelled if you do not follow the house rules and regulations

The above is just an example, but I think there are pros and cons to living together. There is also a personal subjectivity of the manager, but I think that it is a good balance to use SUZUEI as a villa while having a main residence like living in two bases.

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